Cleaning is a part of everyday life. Whether you are sprucing up yourself, your car or your home. While there is no avoiding it, there is a way to avoid the damaging effects that our hygiene maintenance can have on the planet.

With every flush of the toilet, spritz of a cleaning product or shower that we take, we can release a whole host of toxic chemicals into our air and water systems; all of which go on to pollute our oceans, harm aquatic life and damage our health.

However, thanks to a number of new companies that have sprung up in recent years, it is now possible to keep your surfaces spotless and not cause any damage to the environment that we all want to protect.

Clean Living

Clean Living is a UK based company that focuses purely on eco-friendly cleaning products. All items in their range are pH neutral, cruelty-free and completely non-toxic to pets and aquatic life.

Instead of hazardous ingredients, they embrace the power of nature and reflect the cleaning process that it does to keep the earth in check; good bacteria overcoming bad bacteria. They do this by taking plant-based cleaning solutions and supercharging them with healthy bacteria. These come to life when they come into contact with dirt, grime and grease, literally eating away at them for a complete and deep clean.

Continued use of ‘good bacteria’ based cleaning products also helps to stunt the regrowth of harmful bacteria. Each time one of our biological products are used, the clever microorganisms duplicate, creating a barrier on hard surfaces. This helps to keep your home healthier and cleaner for longer.

What’s more, as well as providing a powerful cleaning punch, they’ll leave your home beautifully fragranced with a range of natural scents, including Freshly Cut Lawn, Limoncello, Amber & Sandalwood and Crisp Apple. There’s no more need for overpowering air fresheners that fill your lungs with toxic chemicals!

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Clever Packaging Solutions

One of the best things about the Clean Living range is the way they supply their products. Instead of sending out plastic bottles filled with their cleaning solutions, you instead receive small sachets of concentrate, which you simply mix with tap water in one of their high quality 100% recyclable aluminium bottles.

Not only does this significantly reduce plastic waste, but it makes parcels lighter and reduces the number of lorries on our roads, thus drastically cutting back on CO2 emissions. They even include a freepost envelope so that you can return your empty sachets for recycling.

Easy Ordering

Skip the cleaning aisle on your weekly supermarket visit and instead simply sign up for Clean Livings handy Refill Subscription Service. Customers select which products they want to receive and how often. No minimum spend, and it’s completely flexible if you need to make changes.

To get started, we recommend the Complete Cleaning Kit that provides everything you need to clean your home with conscience, including;

  • Biological Multi-Purpose Cleaner
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Biological Bin Odour Eliminator
  • Biological Odour and Spot Remover
  • Kitchen Cleaner and Degreaser
  • Drain Maintainer
  • Limescale Remover
  • Biological Bathroom Cleaner
  • Plus some eco-friendly cleaning accessories

It comes in a handy cardboard caddy to make getting the housework done easy and storing your products a doddle.

Clean Living products can be purchased directly from the Clean Living website or via its environmentally-conscious brand ambassadors network across the country.